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Foren-bersicht » Internetprogrammierung » orts about his availability via trade
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orts about his availability via trade
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MINNEAPOLIS -- For the third straight off-season, Adrian Peterson will be recovering from surgery. The Minnesota Vikings said their star running back had an operation Thursday to repair his adductor muscle, which is part of the groin. The team said Peterson was expected to be fully recovered in about six weeks, giving him plenty of time to heal before off-season workouts get going. The procedure was performed by Dr. William Meyers at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia. Peterson rushed for 1,266 yards in 14 games, missing two in December due to a sprained right foot. The groin problem was lingering long before that, though, sapping him of some of his explosiveness. He acknowledged after a loss at Seattle Nov. 17 that the injury was bothering him "a lot." Peterson gained only 65 yards on 21 carries that afternoon, albeit against the leagues best defence. He still managed, two weeks later, to rush for 211 yards against Chicago, the fourth-highest total of his career. But then came the sprained foot in the snow Dec. 8 at Baltimore, and he played only once more, and not at full speed. He tallied 45 yards on 11 attempts at Cincinnati on Dec. 22 and said afterward he felt uncomfortable, a rare admission for one of the sports most confident and determined players. Keeping him off the field is always hard. "Thats just not my mentality, leaving these guys out to dry, just because, what the heck, my passion for the game," Peterson said last month. "I love the game too much to sit out just because. If Im out, youre going to know that he cant go." Peterson is 27th on the all-time rushing list, second only behind Steven Jackson among active players, and he has often stated his goal of someday passing Emmitt Smith for first place in history. Peterson will be 29 before the 2014 season starts, though, which means he is already in the later part of his prime. His punishing running style and the nature of playing such a taxing position will make it difficult, even for him, to keep the pace. This was Petersons third, though least invasive, surgery in the last 25 months. He had anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligament reconstruction in his left knee in December 2011. Then, after rushing for 2,097 yards and winning the NFL MVP award, Peterson had a procedure done in February 2013 to repair a sports hernia in his abdomen. Meyers performed that surgery, too. Omer Asik Jersey .200. His solution to his hitting woes was business in the front and a party in the back."That would be a mullet," Norris says. ETwaun Moore Jersey . - Mike Magee converted two penalty kicks in a 10-minute span of the first half and the Chicago Fire beat Sporting Kansas City 2-1 on Sunday. http://www.shoppelicansonline.com/Customized/. With nothing tangible at stake, the Raptors turned in their most impressive outing of the fall in their seventh and second to last exhibition tilt against their stiffest competition yet, but they lost a couple starters in the process. DeMarcus Cousins Jersey . The triple gold medallist from the 2010 Paralympics tweeted on Tuesday: "Woke up with a virus yesterday. Timing couldnt be much worse. Not the ideal prep for the . Solomon Hill Jersey .Y. -- It was as if Matt Moulson never left the New York Islanders.If you polled thirty NHL general managers on what his respective teams biggest need was going forward, I would estimate that about half would respond with developing or acquiring a top-four defenceman. Its a fair request with the way the sport has progressed in recent years the days of true defensive defencemen look to be in the past, with a premium placed on skating and high-end puck-moving ability to beat aggressive forechecking and attack through the neutral zone with control of the puck. Goaltending withstanding, I think disparities in blue-liner ability from team to team may be the most noticeable aspect of the sport today. The Chicago Blackhawks have made a living off of a highly-mobile defense that can flip the ice and complement the attack of their talented forward group. The Philadelphia Flyers and New Jersey Devils have their share of competent and talented forwards in the top-six, but simply dont have the blue-line capabilities to consistently threaten as a five-man unit. Ultimately, its one of the big reasons why they struggle so mightily to score goals at even-strength. They spend too much time in the defensive zone, and they are impossibly slow relative to the rest of the league at getting up ice with pace and control. The increase in demand for this particular defenceman has created for a fascinating trade market, one thats going to heat up over the next six weeks. More than half of the league reaches the playoffs already, and there are another handful of hopefuls who will still approach the trade deadline as buyers despite unfavorable odds. Consequently, if you are a seller holding one of these plus-skating, plus-puck moving defenders, youre in a decent position. Two players in particular who should command decent returns as trade rentals are Jeff Petry of the Edmonton Oilers, and Andrej Sekera of the Carolina Hurricanes. Now, theres a reasonable argument to be made that their respective teams should be seriously considering extensions top-four guys dont grow on trees, and these teams need all of the talent they can get. But, if you think the Petry/Sekera ships have sailed (and believe that the tank race is on), then you may consider shipping them out to the highest bidder. Lets look at this from a buyers perspective. Why does Jeff Petry ($3-million expiring contract) and Andrej Sekera ($1.75-million expiring contract) make sense for the contenders in need of a defenceman? For one, its clear that they are both top-four defencemen. By grabbing the last four years of data and providing appropriate filters (3000+ minutes of 5-on-5 ice-time, and a RelativeCorsi% of at least +1.0), only 53-players make the cut. Youll notice that our ice-time and RelativeCorsi% filters basically created a situation in which only first-pairing defenders and highly-productive second-pairing defenders qualified. You can fact check this by looking up your favorite NHL defenceman, and finding him on thiss graph.dddddddddddd (Or, finding your least favorite defenceman, and noticing his omission.) Its a nice way to stomp out potential biases and create comparables going forward. Here, Jeff Petry who has toiled in Edmonton for years sits right next to players like Johnny Boychuk and Ryan Suter. He hasnt been as productive a scorer as many of the other defenders, but the Oilers have been more than two percentage points better in Corsi% with Petry on the ice. And, look at Andrej Sekeras company! Hes bordered by talent in every direction, his production at least on this graph indiscernible from the likes of James Wisniewski, Nick Leddy, Keith Yandle, and Duncan Keith. RelativeCorsi% is clear on both Petry and Sekera their teams control play favourably when theyre operating on the blue-line, less so when they change out for other defencemen. Those skeptical of the merits Corsi% may be interested in seeing how Edmonton and Buffalo/Carolina did with and without the player, but through the lens of another metric. Like, scoring chances. We know scoring chances pretty closely mirror Corsi%, but its an avenue worth traversing once more, if only to strengthen our theory. What Ive done below is pulled out scoring chance with/without numbers for each player over the same timeframe courtesy War on Ice. We know Petry and Sekeras teams were better territorially with them on the ice. But, were they better from a scoring chance aspect? First, Petry: The lockout season wasnt kind to Jeff Petry it was the only season we can see where Edmonton may have been better without him from a scoring chance perspective. Beyond that, this graph is convincing especially over the last hundred games. Based on the consistent reports about his availability via trade, I worry that Edmonton doesnt know what kind of player they have. Or, that they dont know how bad things get when other defencemen are taking regular shifts. Now, Sekera: Sekeras relative numbers were great in Buffalo, but have since skirted towards the team averages in Carolina. Still, for a guy carrying just a $1.75MM cap hit one that would be paid out on a pro-rated basis if acquired at the trade deadline the datas pretty encouraging. We know Sekeras one of fifty or so regular defenders who have carried positive possession numbers for a long period of time. The scoring chance data may have looked better in Buffalo than it did in Carolina, but that doesnt mean hes underwater. The Oilers and Hurricanes are in a tricky spot here. They need to retain as much NHL-talent as possible, but theres always the possibility that Petry and Sekera just want to play out their contracts and sign with better teams in the off-season. You cant risk losing quality players for nothing. To that extent, Craig MacTavish and Ron Francis are in a simple position: sell these players to the highest bidders over the next six weeks. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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Cool Instagram Info
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orts about his availability via trade
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