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HYT H2 FULL BRONZE 248-TB-00-RF-MM Replica watch
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Recycling diamonds: not just women

The question "What makes a woman's best replica watches " is as easy to answer as the question "What is a woman?" In other words, there is no answer unless we insist on a naive approach that is distinguished by external, biological or anatomical terms.

Now, we are smart, emotional people whose personality transcends the limits of gender. Our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors are not forced to be strictly aligned with our chromosomes. (On any Friday night, casual observation of social interactions at local bars may indicate that this is not the case, but this is not the level of civilization we should pursue.) Straightforwardly speaking: in each of us, there are feminine and masculine Quality, its balance does not always reflect what we wrap under the old buttons and flying.

What makes women's watches? My answer - I have been explaining this for many years now - there should be no "female watch". There should also be no separate division of "men's watches." Especially considering modern fashion, this echoes the gap between gender projects in modern clothing. We should talk about a series of feminine and masculine watches - some obviously more than one extreme and not the other, but all exist in The same continuum.rm 27-03

This concept was adopted by all Richard Mille watches until there was no disagreement between the men's and women's watches in the last watch, the Richard Mille collection. Women wear active technical watches, such as the RM 011 chronograph; men wear diamond-set RM 026. Say your favorite of Richard Mille watches, they are progressive AF. These powerful but well-designed watches eliminate the lines that bring our watch discourse into a narrow XX / XY dichotomy.

If asked, most people would say that diamonds or gems are a key feature of the feminization of watches. Perhaps they think that adding gems is a necessary condition for attracting women. It is assumed that men will never be attracted by sparkling or shiny things. Someone should tell all those striptease ladies to stop at the club and not waste money on the body flash.

In addition to incredible gender discrimination and condescending, this under-considered view completely ignores the fact that in the centuries (and even thousands of years) of human history, it was the man - the pope, the duke , Pharaoh, Maharaja, Caliph, King, Cardinal. Merchant prince - they have worn some of the finest and most luxurious jewels ever.

The Royal Commission of Cartier's History took on this point, and until today, French brands have continued to follow their tradition of creating complex watches with gemstone inlays for larger male wrists.HYT H1 TITANIUM 148-TT-11-GF-LC watch

Jewelry and jewellery are not symbols of femininity, they are the masculine and masculine symbol of the oldest way imaginable. Therefore, the term “family jewelry” refers to the psychological location of masculinity and the source of hormones. And these museums are worthy of jewelry pieces, worn by real men, during which his life is more cruel and harsh, than our 21st ST-century pansy can tolerate.

So all the thoughts about gem-set watches, and put them in the same place where we left geocentricism and emails from generous Nigerian princes. Women can wear watches with gems. Men can wear gemstone inlay high quality replica watches . Basically, people can wear anything they like. Isn't this the whole meaning of living in a high-level period? Are we actually ahead of the past?
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HYT H2 FULL BRONZE 248-TB-00-RF-MM Replica watch
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